I'm a Mac, you are a PC

It's been a week since I've got my new MacBook Pro, and though I've never used a Mac before; the change is not very traumatic.
I like OS X , a lot, I'm not even comparing it to Vista, it's a different thing; some things are a little different, you get used to it; others way better than MS Windows, and you will never want to go back.

I was giving a talk last tuesday about design in UI and Interaction design, and the Mac environment is very cohesive and consistent, some things I had trouble adjusting are the keyboard and the whole file manager : explorer vs. finder , finder has better search: it works as opposed to the windows "Search" in XP, the keyboard , still not convinced....

The quality of the hardware is top of the line, some bundled applications, like Mail, Dashboard, iPhoto, etc are really good , other are more novelty items. I was, however, very surprised by the number of open source and freeware applications for OSX , Adium(IM) , TunnelBlick (VPN), Skype, Mac the Ripper ( DVD backup) , Transmission ( Bt client), even Microsoft's remote desktop, and Apple's Bootcamp ( very important because I work in XP so I need dual boot) work very well.

So pros:
  • Spotlight
  • Uninstall = Trash
  • iLife / Automator / Unix
  • UI
  • Hardware design
  • No drivers ! No dlls !
cons ?
  • Price
  • No NTFS writing ( at least not officially)
  • too few USB ports
  • No memory card reader
  • You need an external mouse for windows XP
  • Awkward keyboard layout ( for a PC user)
Overall the experience is positive, and although I still think the Mac Book is overpriced, is very hard not to get caught admiring Apple's attention to detail, in both hardware and software.

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